As of April 15, 2015, RHY grantees are required to collect data on all youth served in their Continuum of Care (CoC)-designated Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) application. The use of a local HMIS helps RHY grantees and communities understand the prevalence, characteristics, service utilization, and outcomes of youth served by RHY programs, and has the potential to identify and plan policies and practices to accelerate efforts to prevent and end youth homelessness by 2020.

All RHY grantees, including Street Outreach, Basic Center, Transitional Living, and Maternity Group Home Programs must collect their data in HMIS. Basic Center Programs need to record data for youth served in emergency shelter (in an emergency shelter project) as well as youth who are provided services outside of the shelter system (in a homelessness prevention project).

RHY grantees should connect with the point person from their CoC’s HMIS lead, the entity responsible to ensure that the RHY programs are properly set up in HMIS and to provide training to RHY grantees on how to use HMIS, including generating reports. RHY grantees should ensure that HMIS leads include their accurate HHS grant number in the funding identifier in HMIS. As users of an HMIS application, RHY grantees are responsible for paying license fees associated with the use of HMIS. To locate your HMIS lead, go to the Contact a CoC page at: https://www.hudexchange.info/grantees/?granteesaction=main.searchresults&programid=3

In addition to collecting data in HMIS, RHY grantees need to upload their data twice a year using the RhyPoint repository. Data uploads happen during specified periods in the spring and fall. Grantees should generate an HMIS CSV Format Version FY2020 1.7 report – de-identified (or “hashed”) for RHY. The new RHYPoint portal will launch in Fall 2020.

The collection and reporting of data by RHY grantees is governed by the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act and accompanying regulations. Additional guidance on data collection and uploads is found below.

RHY-HMIS Technical Assistance

RHY-HMIS Resources

Instructional Video Shorts Series


"The RHY-HMIS Data Dashboard: Accessing and Using Your RHY Data"

"Uploading RHY Data: Fall 2019 RHY-HMIS Data Upload"

Archived Materials

"Learning to Upload RHYMIS Data - April 2016" (April 2016)
This webinar training recording demonstrates how FYSB RHY grantees will use RhyPoint to upload their RHYMIS data. The data The webinar includes: (a) Changes and lessons learned from the 2015 submission period, (b) Introduction to requirements for data transfer and why it’s important, (c) Review of required tasks for grantees and HMIS vendors, (d) Demonstration of how to upload data and check for data quality, (e) Information on available TA resources

“RHYMIS/HMIS Data Upload Q&A Conference Call” (April 2016)
Participants will hear an update on the Spring 2016 RHYMIS National Data Upload and have the opportunity to ask questions and present challenges about the upload

“Knowing Our Youth: Collecting and Uploading Runaway and Homeless Youth Data in HMIS” (September 2016)
An overview of the RHYMIS upload basics and changes to the submission in fall 2016.

Additional Resources

Please click the following links to access past memos regarding RHY data collection, sharing and transfer: